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GFI Software provides a single source of network security and messaging solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. With award-winning technology and a strong focus on the unique requirements of small to medium-sized enterprises, GFI Software Antivirus Protection enables businesses to monitor, manage and secure their networks and satisfies the needs of SME organisations on a global scale.


GFI WebMonitor – Web security, Internet monitoring and access control

  • Monitor and control web activity
  • Manage bandwidth and internet usage
  • Safe and secure web downloads and browsing

GFI LanGuard – Award-winning network security scanning and patch management

  • Software and network auditing
  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability assessment for computer, mobile and network devices

GFI EndPointSecurity – Access control and security for portable storage devices

  • Data leakage risk assessment and prevention
  • Data security and awareness
  • Comprehensive control of access


Email and Events

GFI MailEssentials – Email security and anti-spam software

  • Powerful and effective business spam filtering
  • Detects and blocks email-borne viruses and malware 
  • Content policy enforcement and email management

GFI EventsManager – Active network event monitoring, management and log data analysis

  • Automatically processes and archives logs
  • IT infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Log data consolidation for compliance

GFI Archiver – Archiving for productivity, management and compliance

  • Company archive optimization for email, files and calendars
  • Secure archiving for the adherence of regulatory compliance and legislation
  • Reports achieve business intelligence



GFI FaxMaker – Network fax server software

  • Increase business efficiency
  • Benefit existing business applications
  • Optimized end-to-end fax communication process

GFI FaxMaker Online – Fast and easy online faxing

  • Direct faxing via email
  • Supports multiple platforms for email-to-fax and fax-to-email

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