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ESET’s award-winning threat-detection software is at the forefront of antivirus protection technology. This record-breaking security allows you to engage with the Internet confidently and with peace of mind. The unique technology developed by ESET such as exploit blocker, vulnerability shield, anti-phishing and malware sample processing, make ESET products the right and recommended security solution for every business.


ESET Business Solutions

Whether your business is just starting out or is established, there are a few things that you should expect from the security software you use daily. Both NTES and ESET feel that running security software in the business environment should be easy and simple. With this in mind ESET have created “ESET Business Solutions,” which includes solutions for your 5+ seat business – utilising over 25 years of pioneering experience in the anti-malware industry.


Why Choose ESET Business Solutions

  • Simple and Straightforward –With ESET Business Solutions you can mix and match endpoint protection according to your actual needs, deploying it on a range of platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android) and devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, and servers.
  • Light on Your System – Our solutions are built for small footprint, which also makes them suitable for older hardware, saving IT-related costs on hardware upgrades. In addition, program updates are small and can download from a cenral mirror server.
  • Easy to Manage – Easily deploy, configure and manage your security software from a single console. Just one person, using ESET Remote Administrator, our web-console, can oversee all your IT security.


The Products

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Data is a critical part of every organisation, but this most valuable asset often poses a huge risk when it travels or is transmitted beyond the corporate  network. Meet your data security compliance obligations with a single MSI package.

  • Full disk and removable media encryption protects data stored or sent using laptop computers
  • File, folder and email encryption enables fully secure collaboration across complex workgroups and team boundaries
  • Security policy enforcement deployable at all endpoints by the DESlock+ Enterprise Server
  • A single MSI package allows to meet data security compliance obligations

Deployment flexibility painlessly extends encryption security to mobile/home users The DESlock+ Enterprise Server can manage users and workstations independently or in many-to-many relationships.

  • Secure https internet connectivity allows centralised management of users, endpoints and mobile devices beyond your corporate network
  • Uniquely patented security key management, allows full control of encryption keys and encryption security policy remotely and silently
  • Patented hybrid cloud architecture means that all client and server connections are SSL encrypted, and all commands and data are AES or RSA encrypted
  • Quick install and low system requirements bring enterprise grade security to even the smallest organisations


ESET Secure Authentication ESA

ESET Secure Authentication secures remote access to company network and data – in a hassle-free way. A powerful mobile-based solution, it relies on     two-factor, one time password (2FA OTP). The OTPs it uses are randomly generated, so they can’t be predicted or reused.

  • Ultra Strong, Super Simple
    Easy one-tap installation on mobile phone or tablet
  • Two-Factor One Time Passwords (2FA-OTP)
    Prevents security breaches by validating identities
  • Designed for a Mobile World
    No extra hardware keeps costs low and users happy
  • Compliance with Confidence
    Helps businesses comply with industry regulations
    such as PCI-DSS/HIPAA
  • Designed with Business Productivity in Mind
    Flexible integration options offer 2FA wherever identities or transactions need protecting

ESET Endpoint SecurityESET_Endpoint_Security

ESET Endpoint Security delivers all the benefits of ESET Endpoint Antivirus, plus Two-Way Firewall, Web Control, Botnet Protection, and more.

  • Comprehensive endpoint antivirus and antispyware protection which eliminates all kinds of threats
  • Exploit blocker and advanced memory scanner monitor malicious behaviour, effectively prevent infection and fight targeted attacks
  • Data access control incorporates anti-phishing with two-way firewall and web and device control. Access to websites and your network can be controlled, limited and blocked
  • Ultimate usability with low system demands and seamless deployment


ESET Endpoint AntivirusESET_Endpoint_Antivirus

Provides robust Antivirus and Antispyware protection, whether your endpoints run Windows or OS X. ESET’s award-winning Anti-Phishing engine protects sensitive company information such as usernames and passwords against fake websites.

  • Superior threat detection and elimination which offers virtualisation support
  • Backed by advanced ESET NOD32 technology. Advanced memory scanner and exploit blocker provide effective protection from even the most obscure malware
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus also has built-in technology to prevent malicious software from corrupting or disabling it, so you can rest assured your system is always protected
  • User-friendly remote management is now available via the ESET Remote Administrator web-console


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