Make VoIP a simple decision today and unify your communications!

Make VoIP a simple decision today and unify your communications!

There are few things that can enhance your teams workplace toolkit AND save you money at the same time quite the way VoIP can. True unified communications are finally here, and you can get this exciting technology for you and your team now with minimal investment and fuss. You can cancel expensive line rentals and cumbersome voice conference subscriptions,  while enjoying all the benefits of call recordings, mobile app and report features in one stroke.

Fanvil X210 VoIP Phone from NTES VoIP Ireland services

VoIP Explained:

Our traditional phone bills are often made up of two types of charges, line rentals and call charges, with the former often comprising 50%+ of the bill. By moving our Voice traffic away from analogue and instead over the internet, we can remove the need for those expensive monthly line rental charges AND reduce our call billing charges too. By having a VoIP phones system, you can get rid of that power sucking PBX off the wall, and instead edit changes to your Automatic Call Attendant  and Call-Flow to professionalise your office. 3CX is a global leading VoIP Software solution that NTES is Ireland’s only Platinum partner for. Together as Ireland’s first choice for VoIP, we have worked for nearly 15 years delivering and refining solutions for call-centres, offices, hospitality and retail outlets. In addition to replacing your old PBX, as standard you can have both Voice and Video Conferencing and integration with any major Email system, and of course, all available as an app on any of your devices, so you truly can achieve your ‘office anywhere’.

NTES VoIP the only Ireland 3CX Platinum Partner

What do I need?

If you have a steady internet connection, we can install a VoIP service for you, its that simple! The bandwidth doesn’t have to be very big, consistency is more important and we can help measure that for you for free, and easily. After that you need a 3CX VoIP Software license, this can sit on a PC, Server, or in the cloud. You will need VoIP Phones and a few hours to install it onsite. We maintain a stock of 3CX approved and tested Fanvil brand phones for all requirements, and our engineers are 3CX certified at ‘advanced level’.  As you are putting a key service over the internet we’ll give you the protection you need so you have piece of mind.

NTES VoIP Solutions Ireland, combining 3CX and Fanvil

Special Incentive available right now!

NTES are offering you interest free hardware, software and installation costs over a 12/24 month plan to enable you to deliver unified communications for you and your colleagues right now. We can install your new system on a cost neutral basis over as short as 12 months in many cases with the massive savings you can enjoy through VoIP. To find out more, contact our team now at any of these numbers:

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