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As long time IT support provider to Multi-Color Labels Ireland in Drogheda,  we were recently challenged to provide a phone system that would yield better workplace efficiency, significantly reduced costs and a higher feature spec as part of a secure and well maintained IT and Tech infrastructure. Multi-Color Labels Ireland has both an extensive office area as well as a large and lengthy production floor, our solution had to be mindful of this for the walk-about phones aspect which is crucial to the production management process.

The Solution:

Where a consistent broadband supply is available a VoIP phone solution is always going to yield savings in two ways. It allows the client to cut down significantly on expensive cumulative line charges, as well as typical savings of 25% or more on call billing charges. Collectively this means it is only a matter of some short time before the investment in the new hardware and software is paid for.


NTES are proud Gold Partners of 3CX, our recommended VoIP PBX software. We installed this for MCC using an agreed license size to ensure the most efficient spend to cover the number of inbound/outbound calls at any one time.

We deployed our own SIP Trunk as well as implementing a Beronet Primary Rate convertor to give the best options for inbound and outbound calls, with the savings provided.  The client now has unified billing from NTES for both VoIP and WLR services.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to install state of the art phones. As long time resellers of the tried and trusted Yealink brand we installed the latest generation of Gigabit desk phones, the Yealink T42G. This is an executive IP phone that is as feature laden as it is slick, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic. We also installed a number of call centre specific headsets. In fact, with 3CX, a desk phone is not required at all if the operative prefers the on-screen app and headset combination.

Yealink T42 Executive IP Phone

Yealink T42 Executive IP Phone

To cover the long production area, we knew the walk-about Dect phones needed a long battery life as well as a large range. This was easily achieved by using the Gigaset SL610 phone and base station units.

Our engineer team installed the solution in one day configuring the call behaviour to MCC’s specification for call answering, out-of-hours, messages and diverts for all extensions.

For more details on our 3CX VoIP Software PBX offering, click here: 3CX Gold Partner Ireland

For more details on NTES’ GoVoIP Wholesale Line Rental billing platform, click here: GoVoip Services

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